Casino Deli Casino Deli
Restaurant @ Ameristar Casino - St. Charles
"John Herron"
The check in process was pretty painful. The staff was rude to my wife. After checking in, we were not told a room number or given directions to the elevator. The room overall is nice. But it does smell like smoke and it is hot (thermostat that says 68 but room is much warmer). We were eventually able to get the temperature down after an hour or two. Housekeeping did walk in with a small knock and walked right in. So be sure to use locks!!! Luckily my wife and I were both dressed. Almost all restaurants close early on Thursday. We attempted going to one place (king cat) and got yelled at. The bar tender screamed that “It was ALREADY past last call.” We ended up going to the deli inside of the casino area and it was good. The staff was nice and welcoming. After the hotel saw my review (posted on google after day 1) they reached out to us since they saw the review. My wife called back after getting the voicemail and was hung up on. She called back a second time and told them about them about the nightmare so far. We were comped a night. We did go back to king cat and didn’t get yelled at the following night. The service and food were both good. Only other issue we had was at 7:20am on checkout day, the fire alarm beeped in our room once. Then about 10 minutes later a very loud voice kept repeating that it was a false alarm.