Take Two Take Two
Restaurant @ Hollywood Casino - Aurora
"Bob Trieger"
Visiting friends nearby and they were at work, I figured I'd spend some time gambling. Parked in the casino parking lot, only to find out the doors had big, "Closed" signs in front of them So, I took the long walk around the block to enter through the street entrance. I wanted to play 3 card poker and there was only 1 table in the place with only 5 seats. I waited patiently behind the players for over 90 minutes while at least 1 or 2 of the 5 seats had "reserved" chips on them. A seat finally opened and when I went to sit down and place my money on the table, the dealer, a bald woman, asked me if I was on the waiting list. I told her that I wasn't aware there was a list and I had been waiting there for an hour and a half. She said, "there is a list and you have to be on it to take the open seat." I said, "screw it" and left. What makes it even funnier is that the people that were playing were playing the minimum $5 and I play 3 to 5 times that. Their loss.