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Restaurant @ Isle of Capri Casino - Lula
"Mia Griggs"
I’ve been coming here for over a year and I’ve never had issues until today. I came in at 1:30 pm and ordered a grilled cheese with onion rings and a croissant. I waited for several minutes, and everyone who had ordered after me ended up getting their food before me. About 20 minutes after I ordered, they finally called my name. They had given me a chicken sandwich, not a grilled cheese, so I let them know and proceeded to wait for them to fix it. I realized they had forgotten my croissant so I had to go back and ask for that as well. I waited another 20 min before I went up to check on my grilled cheese (they hadn’t even started to make it) because they had been fulfilling other orders that had come in after mine before fixing my messed up order. He said he’d have it done in a minute, and when it was done, he had forgotten my onion rings and I had to wait another 10 min. I was there for almost an hour. Considering my lunch break is only half an hour, this is a serious problem.