BlueWater Snack Bar BlueWater Snack Bar
Restaurant @ BlueWater Resort & Casino
"Jamie Burrell"
Great looking place with outstanding amenities, I mean, indoor water park, come on.... However, the restaurant service there was very very bad, we asked for a booth and we're told there were none available but as we were escorted to our table we passed 3 empty booths, my father and I both wanted the father's day rib special and we're told they'd ran out "hours ago" but saw people eating ribs and saw ribs on plates coming out of the kitchen, I ordered the voodoo burger which was supposed to be "blackened Cajun style" and it was neither seasoned nor burnt so it wasn't blackened in any way whatsoever, my son ordered the kids spaghetti and meatballs that came to the table so hot that the server couldn't hold the bowl it was in and was just set down in front of my 9 year old with no word of caution or warning that it was hotter than the sun and the 2 meatballs were as big as baseballs.... This place just needs to get their stuff together and it'll be a great place