International Restaurant International Restaurant
Restaurant @ Emerald Queen Casino I-5
"shauna Cunningham"
Been going there just about every 3 to 5 days off and on for over 5 years. Casino is nice. Security guards are like sharks hunting in an ocean. Most casinos you wont see them too much unless their handling something. Food smells great in the parking lot..but you cant smell it inside. Smells of cigarette smoke. Most casinos I've been in use air ionizers. Clean and freshen. I cant believe that the casino closes its restaurants for a period of time early early morning. Due to liquor laws i would think food and drinks should always be available at all hours of operation. Comps are given out during those hours.for example if you get there late night and make a night of it, your going to end up receiving your comp when there is no restaurants open to eat in. So you've spent way to much working towards it to discover you cant use it. Its an okay place but nothing to write home about.