Spiral Bar Spiral Bar
Restaurant @ Rivers Casino Des Plaines - Chicago
"Tom Stam"
Even though I must admit, I am not really a gambler, I do enjoy visiting Rivers. It is conveniently located, they have all the usual casino games (slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker...), as well as some fine eateries all around. The Hangover game is a blast! They even have a nightclub setup. [Which I never entered nor would I; partially because of my intense hatred of clubbing in general, partially because they always charge cover. I am already inside the casino so why should I pay money just to enter past a velvet rope when I can still hear the club music just the same from the line?] They have a nice café and gift shop area. Great for when you need a break from gambling and drinking overpriced booze. (Okay, anywhere you go alcoholic drinks will be way overpriced and casinos are where people expect to blow money anyways.) Obviously, it helps to go with a group, but you can actually enjoy this place alone!