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Restaurant @ Norwegian Jewel
"Jonathan Stillman"
6 Stars if I could give it! Hands down simply the BEST in service, quality, atmosphere, and pricing. Can you ask for more? As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by several people, everyone was very nice and offered their time to give me a quick tour of the place. I tried an in house made cigar, a Cuban style espresso and needles to say I left with a bag FULL of goodies to bring back back home. If you're a cigar lover and your visiting Miami then look no further, this place has it all, plus my wife and I greatly enjoyed they're lounge areas where she comfortably read her book while I smoked my cigar. Oh yeah, there's a guy outside selling fresh coconut and ice cold coconut water, my wife really enjoyed that part with her book. So gents, I think you now see the game plan here if you're planning on bringing your ladyūüėČ. Enjoy!