Chayo Mexican Kitchet + Tequila Bar Chayo Mexican Kitchet + Tequila Bar
Restaurant @ The Linq Hotel and Casino Las Vegas
"Maria Daniel"
The food here was excellent - very delicious, and the music was good too. I was here with a group of 7 other girls, and we were all extremely disappointed with the service we received. Our waiter was curt, inattentive, and the opposite of warm and friendly. At one point, one of my friends found some plastic packaging material in her vegetables, and when she brought it to the attention of the waiter, he asked where it was and then proceeded to take her plate away, without expressing any form of concern or apology. He didn't even offer to bring her a new plate, and when she volunteered that she didn't want a replacement plate, he curtly replied "okay" before walking away. We were so displeased that we ended up asking for the manager to express our concerns. This turned our evening around somewhat. The manager listened patiently to everything we had to say, genuinely apologized, said he would address the issue with the waiter, and offered to buy us a round of drinks. We did decline, but he ensured that he added a discount to our bill at the end of the night, which was a nice touch in making up for our earlier experience. It was a pity our experience with the service started off on such a sour note, which shaped the rest of the evening, as otherwise the food, ambience and music was lovely.