Chayo Mexican Kitchet + Tequila Bar Chayo Mexican Kitchet + Tequila Bar
Restaurant @ The Linq Hotel and Casino Las Vegas
"Kelly Farmer"
I have never experienced anything so horrible. Our waitress was actually so rude that I thought she was having an issue with her co-worker who helped her serve our food... But in mid serve we asked for more napkins (because she only gave us 2 and there were 4 of us at the table.) and she turned, grabbed more napkins, and threw them. Then said we were "doubting her" because she served us the wrong food. She said it was our fault that we asked for separate checks because then she hands them in with other orders, so we would all get our food at separate times. I was so shocked that she was being so unprofessional, that I had to ask her if she was upset with us for something that we weren't aware of. She walked away and didnt come back to our table until it was time to deliver our checks. Another server seen what happened and came over to us. He was kind and tried to smooth things over. To top it all off tho, the food wouldn't have been worth it even if the service was good. It was awful.