Tuscan Grille Tuscan Grille
Restaurant @ Celebrity Cruises - Millennium
"Marilyn Reyes"
This was our first time visiting this restaurant and it was disappointing. I realize it was Father's Day, however, waiting 40 minutes for an appetizer and/or salad was a bit too much. I do not blame the waiter. I blame the kitchen. The restaurant was fairly full, but there was no long line to get in so there really was no excuse for waiting so long for our food. All of us were hungry and we ended filling up on bread and drinks before the appetizer arrived. Then the main course arrived. The pork chops were dry after being assured they would not be overcooked. The same side of mashed potatoes had one with skin and one without. They really were not as expected for Golden mashed potatoes. One vegetable was sold out and it was still early. The steak was good and the pasta dishes were acceptable. If I had not complained to the manager, we would have waited longer. The waiter was running to keep us happy. Presumably, it was the manager who removed two of the main courses from the bill...the dry chops. I was grateful for that, but would have gladly paid full price if everything else would have gone smoothly. $220.00 plus 20% was still pricey but I didn't want to stiff the waiter. Will I go back? I'm not sure. If I could be assured that things would be better, I would consider it.