Ristorante Aviano Ristorante Aviano
Restaurant @ Avi Resort & Casino
"Natalia Villa"
My family and I made reservations at your establishment the weekend of July 13 to July 15 we had made reservations for a total of 3 rooms I had called in advance asking if my family and I could have our rooms close to each other two of our rooms that where reserved where the 2 queen bed rooms and upon our arrival we were told that one was a deluxe and the other was just a standard room but we both paid the same amount for the rooms so we ended up in different towers, even after I called asking to be put together. My family and I were really disappointed being we were expecting something else I feel your pictures in your website are somewhat deceiving your rooms look nothing like your pictures and your pool and beach area are extremely over crowded very hard for my children to enjoy the pool. Also I was not aware that smoking was allowed in the casino area was somewhat hard to play when someone next to you is smoking. And your elevator are slower then molasses and in the area of the elevators there seems to be no AC which made very uncomfortable to be waiting there when your all hot so what I'm trying to say that my overall experience was not very good not sure if we will be returning to your establishment.