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Jun 16 '18 at 13:27

Grand River Deli

I work as an activities director at an independent living senior community. Not too long ago I planned a trip to take some seniors to this casino. The bus we use has a wheelchair lift on the right side and I had multiple residents on the trip who needed to use it. When I arrived at the casino I couldn't figure out where I would be able to drop them off and lower the lift, so I pulled into the valet. Security was clearly annoyed I was there but I'm not going to drop off my residents in the middle of a street where there's a curb so they won't even be able to get inside. When we were leaving I used the valet again and was informed by a security guard that I could not be there and had to circle around until my residents came out. I told him I realize it's not his fault, but it would be nice if the casino has a place for handicapped drop off. He informed me they do have one but he wasn't sure exactly where and told me you have to call ahead to use it. I sincerely hope this isn't true, because to quote someone else, "Access does not mean access on demand and waiting. Access means independent, spontaneous access." Please consider making your building more accessible to disabled people. We all know seniors like to go to the casino anyways. Next time I will be taking my residents elsewhere because accessibility is important.