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Jul 17 '18 at 20:37


Would have rated our stay here an easy 5 star, but we were met by a very rude staff member at check in who was unfriendly, and clearly wanted to be anywhere but at work that day. If you are next in line, and see an Amelia will be the one to help you, you might want to let someone else skip in front of you so you can avoid her. Once we got through that unpleasant experience, we found the rest of our stay to be perfect! The room was gorgeous, and everything they tout it to be on their website. We tried some drinks at about 5 different places, and each place was reasonably priced, and the drinks were delicious! There are plenty of food options as well. The casino floor was much bigger than we anticipated. There are plenty of gaming options for all. Usually, some places will put the no-smoking gambling area the farthest away on property, but not here! The room was big, and had a great selection of table games and slot machines to choose from. Overall, our experience here was good, and we're glad we didn't let one sour grape ruin it for us. We highly recommend Quest to future potential guests.