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Restaurant @ Barona Resort & Casino
"Rachelle Miguel"
Very friendly people. You walk past them and there wasn't one that didn't greet you hello. The fiance and I just walked around and checked everything out. Hotel looks nice had a haunted mansion feel but clean and cool. Lot of people gambling and it sounded like a lot of people were winning a good amount of money compared to another casino that we recently went to. The tornado box filled with cash seemed fun but no one was in it. The food court area looked good. Went there during father's day but didn't seem too busy. It's been years since I went to the buffet but I can't believe the price of the buffet nowadays. $50 for father's day but normally $42. I'm not a club member or anything so not sure if it's "discounted" if you're a member.. but the thing is buffets are around $30 -35 in the evening so.. technically it's not a discount if they do offer it to the members.