Martorano's Martorano's
Restaurant @ Harrah's Resort Atlantic City
"Tim Manser"
Decided to have our Anniversary dinner here..haven't been so disappointed in a very long time at least to write a negative review. Server with zero peronality to start.. depended on iPad to explain menu..appetizer course was inedible..our server's assistant Jose did take notice that we barely touched the Calamari in chili sauce..when we said it was so grossly oversalted he shrugged and said he was aorry..entrees were really nothing special for price paid...bizby pork chop and shrimp and crab scampi. Saw waitress many times during dinner but never even checked how things were or I surely would have mentioned how nasty our appetizer was. Waitress finally came to clear plates and was in disbelief that we didn't want dessert or coffee or anything else. Still tipped 20 percent but totally undeserving. Manager was roaming floor but never made eye contact with any table or again I surely would have mentioned about nasty appetizer, lack of service etc. One star in my book and I hate to write negative review but people don't waste your money..unless of course you like Goodfellas then you can watch it on the TV.