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Jul 4 '18 at 18:14

Spice Market Buffet

Steven Trevino
Our first night this last weekend, this was our choice for dinner because they stayed open till 10pm. The hostess was in an apparent bad mood and barely greeted us before she took our payment, and seemed annoyed my friends wanted to use a groupon. We were a bit rushed to try the food before they closed, so it wasn’t that pleasant of an experience, since we didn’t savor the food, and the waiter kept coming every ten minutes to tell us they were closing soon (towards the end he just said the staff was waiting on us to finish so they could close the doors, mind you there were several other tables with people there still). The food itself was good, the ambiance not so much. My suggestion is that anyone who wants to try this place gets there at least two hours before closing and no later.