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Jun 25 '18 at 19:08
Devin Campbell
Overall, the dinner was disappointing. The appetizers were great and the waiter was great. But then came the steaks. My wife and I both got the 8 oz fillets and both ordered them cooked medium. Mine was cooked slightly more than I'd usually like, but it was acceptable. However, it was horribly dry and had very little flavor. My wife's was cooked significantly more than medium so she sent it back and asked for one done medium rare. It took so long to get the replacement that the rest of our party was done eating by the time her food arrived. The replacement was cooked about the same (closer to medium well), was very dry, and the top was charred like it had been forgotten under the broiler. The manager discounted her meal by 50%, but even that price was too much for the quality of food. Doubtful we'll visit here again.