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Jul 10 '18 at 17:05

Natural Noodle 9

I love the actual resort💎💎💎💎💎.... the pool is immaculate and very on point. Definitely ,ore on the “baller” side if you were to describe the pool and amenities🍹🌞🕶👙. The rooms are super nice I loved them. However... if you are going to stay there with people other than your significant other or person you are being intimate with.... it might get a little weird because they have a window that goes from the main part of the room by the beds and the other side is the shower. Now don’t get me wrong it’s super nice and luxurious. I haven’t ever seen anything like it and I’ve stayed at a lot of hotels and have never seen a set up quite like this one. But the reason I mention it is because you can see the silhouette of the person taking a shower🚿🛏🔎⚠️. In good enough detail to get the whole picture. So be careful who you plan to stay their with. Could get awkward if you’re there with mom, dad, brother or sister. The reason I only gave them a 3star rating is because the amenities of the hotel and spa are on point but I’m a gambler and the casino is 🃏♣️♥️♦️♠️👎🏻😠 to say it in the nicest way possible 💩. Hope this helps some of you that are planning a trip. It’s a good place and you’ll enjoy it I guarantee that. 😁