Bayou Market Buffet
Restaurant @ Boomtown Casino New Orleans
"Brenda Conlee"
I have gone here since this place has opened. They used to have the best catfish around. Now it is horrible. Little small pieces and the batter is never right. The seafood gumbo is always filled with sausage which to me does not belong in Seafood Gumbo. The best crawfish etouffee has always been delicious but now they have somehow ruined that. Seldom do they have meat at the carving station. They have started serving hamburgers and hot dogs...are you kidding me??? I am out at a restaurant, I don't want backyard food. I would like some good southern cooking. Your choices for a vegetable is might get one, maybe two but never will it be just some good, seasoned vegetable. They put all kinds of stuff in it and makes it disgusting. The only thing that is consistently good is the red beans. That is always good. The salmon is good..when they have it. Sometimes they have a pot roast..that is very good. They have fried shrimp sometimes but even though these could be good, there is so much salt in the batter, you may need to have an EMT standing by cause your blood pressure is sure to soar. The desserts are a mess. They had some good bread pudding but the last time I went, they had poured some white, milk looking liquid all over it. What????? Whatever happened to barbecued ribs, baked ham, baked turkey, maybe prime rib. Somebody really needs to get some cooks that not only can cook but who can cook the foods that we love to eat. And oh yes...we must dump the pigs feet.