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"Russell Mercer"
Pro's, cheap, large rooms, older but somewhat clean. Con's, this place got pretty good ratings so I thought I would give it a try. If you are a chain smoking gambler I guess it would be paradise. I fortunately do not smoke, this whole establishment smells like stale cigarettes. I got a no smoking room, it smelled like cigarettes really bad, seemed like the hotel staff tried to mask the smell with a perfumed product which just made things worse, after spending time in the suite, I got a terrible headache from the odors. A/C units took forever to cool the rooms down. Toilet tank took 15 minutes to fill. Restaurants in casino had decent food, but again, cigarette smoke ruined the experience for me. I guess I have only spent time in smoke free areas in upper scale casinos. Guess if smoke doesn't bother you, this place wouldn't be a bad place, but for those few of us whom have allergies, it is as miserable experience. This day and age, smoke free establishments are the norm and are taking over for many reasons, mostly health reasons. Hopefully in the future, this casino/hotel will update it's rooms and get with the times and at least make the part of the casino and all of the eating areas 100% smoke free as well as the rooms. Sorry, but it's a disgusting habit.