Pizza Restaurant Pizza Restaurant
Restaurant @ MSC Cruises - MSC Sinfonia
"Jeanne Williams"
This has become our favorite go-to place when we are looking for delicious pizza. The atmosphere is laid-back and you can come in after a day at the beach and as long as you're covered up there is no problem. You are seated quickly and all the server's are young with great attitudes. I always say we are going to end up with something different but it seems we always have the meatball with ricotta cheese and hot peppers pizza. We order the large so there's always Pizza to take home. It doesn't look like a lot when it comes but believe me the pizza is very filling. The little meatballs on the pizza are absolutely delicious and you can buy a pot filled with regular size and sauce to take home.. stop by there is one in Fort Lauderdale and one in Aventura I'm sure you won't be sorry