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Jul 14 '18 at 18:10

Lousy place does not deserved to be a five star hotel; one star is too much. Safety box was not working properly and was easy to open with only a screwdriver that could be stock in a hole. A sewer scent could be felt around our room. Lack of towels. Long lines for the restaurant, for the bars, for checking in and checking out. Was retained (illegally) at the gate because I did not have a pass that they did not give it to me. They pretended that I back up my car for more than half a mile to the parking lot or walk to the front desk for it. They did not register my room properly and I was contacted by phone everyday for the three days I spent there asking why I was staying in the this room and when I was checking out and under which name the reservation was made; three times I answered the same. I was approached by a security guard once asking what I was doing in that room since it was vacant. I guess you could find better food in a jail restaurant. They never have enough tables when meals were offer and had to wait in line to get one, and when we got it it was ready and full of dishes and cutlery used by the previous occupants. I do not recommend this place at all.