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Jun 22 '18 at 1:31

Café Colma

4 years Player in this casino, I got nothing less than empty pockets IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU ARE A LUCKY PERSON MAY BE THIS CASINO IS FOR YOU.. MY ADVICE ..DON’T BECAME REGULAR OF THIS CASINO....THAT IS BAD BAD.. I have not addition of gambling yet, and I don’t want to...but in this Casino it was a nightmare for me in 4 years...and I came one of the regulars for the worst, the regulars are part of their income of this casino, and for what I know, regulars don’t WIN the jackpot often, except for Asian regular player, they are much older players than me, I guess I need another 10year to win a jackpot...AWFULL..but true .. I never wanted to be one of the regular, but reality opened my eyes...so I stop going ...and for how long?? I don’t know...really I dont want to go again... If you go happy ... you better be prepare to go back home...angry and disappointed... You can lose 6 times in a row and even more..thats when frustration became angry... For those who play, black jack..have not idea...and player for Texan Holden table...not idea... I played Texan Holden against the house with a jackpot table...and threeCard pocker against the house with jackpot too.