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Jul 19 '18 at 13:43

Employees go above and beyond to make your stay pleasant. Food not as good as before, now you have to make reservations to eat at their restaurant... I'm on vacation for goodness sake ( this is a new thing at the hard rock). They are cutting expenses to the max, bartenders don't have natural limes to prepare your drinks, they use some kind of chemicals that replace the lime flavor. There is not entertainment for teenagers at night. Others resorts have a disco place or night club for every one. Every night choice is either the karaoke or play pool and of course the casino. I paid already 6k to come here so I'm expecting more that this.The hotel itself is very nice, safe environment. Think twice before becoming a member. Once you are one, they will treat you like everybody else, they already got your money, so you don't matter anymore. You don't get room upgrades, or rooms with great views. Although every time you come they will try to upgrade your package by promising the moon and the sky. Is all about the money. If you complain don't expect any compensation, you will get just an apology and that they will let the management know. That is the end of the story. New management is making changes for them only, because the employees here are treated like slave. Over time pay is not something the use here. We see employees working from very early in the morning until late at night for almost a week and the get pay a salary. If they make a comment about why they're not getting pay what they should, they will get fire. I can go on with more details but I guess is enough for now. I regret so much the 24k I paid for my membership but is too late now. Learned my lesson the hard way and very painful