Chris Janashousky
Kewadin St. Ignace
Saint Ignace, Michigan
"Chris Janashousky"
My wife and I liked the building and thought it was a cute casino with almost all of the staff being polite and having a smile on their face. All except one belligerent security guard which ruined our experience. I didn't notice her name but a young female security guard with short black hair approached us after we gambled for a while and were looking at a menu outside a restaurant to buy some food around 9:00 p.m. She walked up to us out of the blue while we were talking about the items on the menu and interrupted our conversation mid sentence to demand that we give her our ID's ( My wife and I are 33 and 36 so we don't look like we are underage). I am sure that I gave her a strange look because I was amazed of how extremely rude of a gesture that was but I didn't say anything, we just handed her our id's. Then said in a very firm voice 'how old are you?' While she tried to stare at me in an intimidating manner. I said 'excuse me?' She then said it one more time and emphasized each word 'how old are you?' I told her 36 and she also rudely asked my wife. After my wife answered the only word she said was 'okay' and handed our id's back and walked away. I would expect this kind of treatment if I were in prison and I was a problem for the guards there but for a security guard at a casino ,where you want people to come enjoy themselves and gamble, that was ridiculous. I talked to other staff during my visit and everyone else was great though. I would not return until I was assured that this girl was no longer working there and I was told that they had properly had their security trained for a casino and not a prison full of inmates. I recommend that others skip this place until they can have their staff properly trained. It's funny how one person can ruin a whole experience