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Jul 22 '18 at 15:00

Overall, I would say that my experience at chic could have been much more enjoyable at any other resort in Punta Cana. The reason for this is the people who work there. First thing you need to know is that the concierge who wears pink and stands or sits at the bottom of each building the guests stay in, will bombard you to attend a promotion that they will phrase as a gift. Which basically means, if you show up to a meeting where they pitch you a timeshare they will give you a Cabana for a day or a spa voucher. What they don't actually tell you is it is to sell you a timeshare, and that they will take your ID and Visa card and hold it for the whole meeting so you can't leave. Also the meeting can take up to 5 hours, if they are persistent. Which is a day lost on your supposed to be relaxing vacation. So you can imagine when we said no harshly for the 20th time to our concierge, he didn't take it very well, and was unpleasant the rest of the trip with us. We were lucky that another woman told us what happens if you go to this promotion and so we knew to say no. Another thing to note is the entertainment by the pool. The people who conduct all of the water aerobics and activities are very persistent in trying to fill each class they have, and are constantly on the mic repeating that. Which can be annoying after 3 days, since there are activities all day long and you just want peace and quiet. The diamond club is not worth it, we didn't do it, but everyone we asked who did, didn't seem to care either way. In fact, one couple who did the upgrade had $200 stolen out of their safe in their room. And my final and most upsetting let down. The water at the beach. Way too much seaweed in the water. I love going to the beach and being in and out of the water all day, and luckily we had one nice day to do that. But all the other days were unbearable with the seaweed. No one really swam the whole week we were there. One final remark: unless you are with a large group of people already in a party mood for your trip, the resort workers are too much in your face and insincere. I will say, however, that Carmen who works in the buffet was the most sincere, kind and pleasant worker we met that genuinely understood customer service without an ulterior motive. I tried to tip her as a thank you and she would not accept. She said it was her job and she was happy to accommodate.