Elora Braden
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Calgary, Alberta
"Elora Braden"
Really disappointed with our experience having to be sent to another hotel late in the evening when the hotel was overbooked and our room was given away despite our reservation weeks in advance. I work in hospitality and the way it was handled was extremely frustrating. The news of the hotel being sold out was told to us in a way that said "We are sorry but its not our problem at this point" and only when we pleaded for options did it get worked out to send us to another hotel. This took 45 minutes and added an hour and a half to our evening which was late as is. Really brutal customer report with one particular front desk agent, the other was more sympathetic but not equipped to handle what seemed like a policy error and lack of communication with their guests. Glad a solution was worked out in the end and thankful we did have our night a the other hotel covered... however this was not an enjoyable experience. To the managers, please train and equip your staff with better confidence with what to do in those situations that doesn't make your guests feel like they are just out of luck the day your hotel overbooked its rooms. They deserve to be confident in explaining these situations to guests and offering solutions right away rather than once a fuss is put up. Overall the hotel looked lovely in the lobby... but never made it to the rooms to rate.