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Jul 20 '18 at 5:40

Hialeah Park

I went to Hialeah yesterday (Thursday) and it was an interesting destination to say the least Plus: It was a histpric site and indeed a lot of history from here. It was in decent shape for the most part. My friend and I had a decent lunch. The people were generally pretty decent as well. Minus: I use a walker and no longer drive so it was a long walk from Metro-Rail station to the casino entrance. There are a lot of obstacles in the casino which made it rather difficult to walk around. I think they only had one cashier and no signs directing where to find it. Finally found a ticket cashing machine which did the job. The casino is difficult to navigate using a walker and could be even worse with a wheelchair. I lead a group of elderly folks on a couple of trips a year but based on my experience at Hialeah we won't consider Hialeah Park aa A viable option. I would love to recommendd Hialeah Park but in good conscience I am not able to do so. All of the current casinos in nearby Broward County are more user friendly than Hialeah Park is and any one of them would get my nod over Hialeah for being much more user friendly. Noel Weaver