Corner Roastery
Restaurant @ Buffalo Bill's Resort and Casino
"Manny Colón"
Gave Buffalo Bills four stars as a benefit of the doubt since I only visited the Casino. I've never stayed at the hotel. Been here countless times before The "Old West" theme, by design, is apparently permanent; given the name of the place and all that implies. That being said, the decorations inside the casino have not changed much, if at all, since the place first opened it's doors way back when. The place is too dark for my taste, giving it a feeling of being dusty and dingy. The casino area by contrast is brightened by the glow of slot machines and other attractions designed to draw you into risking your money. As casinos go, this one is not too different than most. Seen one, seen them all is the impression I got. The staff is attentive and well trained in the art of customer appreciation. No complaints there. (With the possible exception of the McDonald's Restaurant order taker who appeared to care less if I was there or not.) Overall it is a nice place to stop on the way to or from Vegas. Give it a try.