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Jul 23 '18 at 18:24

French Quarter Buffet

Carmella Pinkney
One star is not even good enough for this hotel. I have never been so happy to leave a hotel to come home before in my life. I would rather go to a motel then to this so called hotel. Yes the rooms are nice but when I called room service, guest service, reservations no one would answer the phone. Then they have the nerve to come knocking on the door disturbing me at 1130 asking us to check out or reserve the room another night. They did this up and down the hall banging on doors while people are still relaxing. Check out was not until 12. Online it says they have an indoor and outdoor pool. Well guess what it's a lie they don't even have a casino anymore. I specifically booked a hotel with an indoor pool because I have kids and wanted to make sure they could swim inside since the weather was going to be bad. But, I guess the indoor pool is hidden for their employees who get better parking then their guests. When I made the reservation for Sunday night I was told the total was $177 okay cool awesome that's a good price. But when I get their I was told to pay $277. The extra $100 was for a just in case thing if any damages we're to accure. Whelp I was going to leave but at that point i would still be charged for the cancellation. I was told the 100 would be refunded after my stay. Come to find out it will take 5 to 7 days to get the money back. They are quick to take your money and lie. The showboat does not care. I did not do any damages so I would expect my money back with in about 2 days. They should mention the $100 security deposit before you book and print out your confirmation. I stayed in AC plenty of times with my family and we look forward to going down. I have never and I mean never had a problem. The airshow is coming up next month and I highly suggest to everyone do not stay at the showboat!