Tonya Wyant
River Spirit Casino River Spirit Casino
Tulsa, Oklahoma
"Tonya Wyant"
Best place ever! We initially were staying in another hotel, but when we found a cockroach crawling on my pillow that I was laying on, we up and left immediately! Thankfully we were able to come immediately over here and get a room. It was 11pm, my daughter had a medical procedure scheduled early the following morning and all we wanted was to get some sleep. The woman who answered our initial call was extremely helpful, and put us at ease. We were so angry and upset over our predicament, but she was so very comforting. We had great valet service, check in was quick and easy. We were informed of all they had to offer, but we literally had 5 hrs to sleep before we had to leave and go to the hospital, so we were not able to enjoy any of the amenities. The room was cool, which was an immediate reprieve because it was so hot out, and us having to move to another hotel, we were exhausted. We fell into the extremely comfortable beds with nice crisp clean sheets. Got an amazingly hot shower the following morning, a couple of chocolates, ice and water. The place was so clean, high quality materials throughout. I can't say enough how thankful we were for that after our horrible experience elsewhere. I can't rave enough about the staff, each one of them were courteous, informative, and helpful in every way. Even though our stay was short, I'd go back again and again.