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Jul 25 '18 at 19:00

Despite living in Oklahoma for years I'd never been to WinStar. While driving back from Dallas I decided to stop by on a whim to see the place. From the outside it appears nicer than almost every other casino in Oklahoma, but I was still leery. It is a very large building but there is multiple easily accessible entrances with tons of parking. Once we got inside I was pretty impressed with how clean and well staffed it was. At 10am on a Sunday it was decently busy. The casino is split up into different "cities". You can walk from Cairo all the way to London with each section having appropriate decor. Each city also had its own bar and restaurant to match the local food. All in all I was impressed with WinStar. It's not on the same scale as a Vegas casino, but you can undoubtedly have a good time there...