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Jul 26 '18 at 5:00

Tai HewS

Seminole Classic Casino

Tai HewS
This review would probably be higher if the construction on the new outdoor attraction was completed in 2019 so I’ll probably do a new one then. I went 7/2018 it was my first time back in about 6 years so I was looking forward to the stores and other things that were once there and made it enjoyable way back then. The only thing to do now is eat at the small food court, where some of the places were very overpriced for very underwhelming dishes they served. If your going purely to gamble then you’ll be happy. Of course all the machines are the new digital machines which take the fun out of feeling like you’re gambling for me but thats a personal preference I guess. The machines are definitely impressive and there’s a huge variety of machine options and they are all new, so gamblers you’d be at your version of Disney. I’m not much of a gambler but I liked the old version of this location because it made it fun to get drinks and stroll around and lightly gamble and people watch and check out the stores and actually sit in a restaurant to eat before going back to your room if you stayed at the hotel or going home if you just visited for a night out. Now if you’re not eating or gambling non-stop there’s really nothing to do I went home after less than an hour after eating a very bland slice of over priced cake. I’m looking forward to the end of construction because their planned revamped exterior looks like a vast improvement. See you in 2019 Seminole...