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Jul 26 '18 at 5:46

July 25 2018 I was playing $1/1/2 at table 7. Somewhere between 3-4pm I was sitting at seat 5 when I raised to $12 with pocket 33. I had a stack about $115 to start the hand. Only seat 4 called and he was covering me. Flop was 457. He checks, I cbet 15, he calls. Turns a 2. He checks and I silently put the rest of my little tower of yellow chips ~85/90 behind the betting line. Out of nowhere seat 4 says "he can't go all-in there, he checked already". I'm not saying a word and didn't thru the whole thing. So happened the floor-lady was filling the dealers rack during that hand, so she was standing behind the dealer, but obviously both were busy with rack counting. Suddenly dealer said he saw "a checking motion with a finger" from me and seat 4 started to actively support that theory and insist on a check, with all my chips being behind the betting line this whole time. I just poped my eyes in disbelief and waited for this absurdity to end, because the field, cards and chips were saying everything clearer than any language can. I was only playing there for a week, but already knew that whole table was full of regs, unfortunately I don't know all of their names. Seat 1, reg named Ali was suggesting me to show a motion of the middle finger to all of them in rage of sarcasm, and I must say it was very tempting. Floor lady thought for like 10 seconds and said "It's gonna be a check". Dealer pushed back my tower to the other side of the betting line, burned and put the king on the river. By then I'm not thinking about the hand or poker anymore, it is just a ringing noise in my head. He ckecks, I slide my tower back over the betting line, not knowing what is going on, he snaps and shows AK. So I was even blocking his aces with my wheel draw. I shoud've insisted on the camera check, but that thought only came to me driving on the freeway, after the ringing noise started to settle down. Whatever, I think there are many places that will gladly take my rake, if oaks doent's like it.