Mansion Café Mansion Café
Restaurant @ Showboat Atlantic City
"Maryann Falotico"
Made a reservation for Mulino 2 weeks ahead of time. 2 days before they sent me a text to confirm the reservation which I did. I even called to reconfirm We got there they had no reservation then they told me I was at trattoria we’ll they had no reservation there either they blamed it on the computer. Then we went to the tables not enough more slots than tables Then we tried the lounge well that was a joke we sat there for 30 minutes no one came over to the table was still dirty. We asked one of the employees if we can get some service we waited another 30 minutes she walks around with that little computer she had no clue what she is doing. Well I hope things improve there because I give it a year and it will close That will b our last time at the hard rock.