Mansion Café Mansion Café
Restaurant @ Showboat Atlantic City
"Ray Shefska"
* UPDATE TO MY EARLIER REVIEW I need to express my gratitude to the General Manager for promptly reaching out to me to discuss my situation from last Saturday evening. Bruce was, warm and friendly and expressed legitimate remorse about my family's recent dining experience. He was deeply apologetic and troubled by my experience. He has a strong desire is to make it right with the hopes of getting a second chance too make a good impression. Based on our conversation I would say that they have earned that chance. I have been involved in customer experience driven businesses for over 40 years and I have found very few managers who get it. I am happy to say that Bruce gets it! He doesn't just want things to be good he wants them to be extraordinary and he is willing to address a negative situation swiftly so as to figure out a way to create a positive one. Thanks to Bruce's quick actions my family looks forward to visiting Il Mulino in the future and sharing in the type of experience that we have previously come to expect. The food was excellent, unfortunately the experience did not come close to the quality of the food. The restaurant is exceptionally noisy and the wait staff was incredibly inattentive. We were celebrating my Son's birthday at Il Mulino because he loves your location in Las Vegas, where he has had the pleasure of dining twice, and I must say I have never seen him so unhappy. As he likes to say when you dine in a restaurant such as yours, that you are not only paying for the quality of the food but equally the quality of the experience and when the experience doesn't come close to matching the food quality, well, you feel like you have been cheated, almost violated and robbed of what you have come to expect. Unfortunately your staff at your Atlantic City location is utterly incompetent when compared to your staff in Las Vegas. In Vegas we were made to feel like Kings, in Atlantic City we were made to feel like commoners. Wait staff arguing amongst themselves, one audibly suggesting that the Captain should go to hell while finally filling our water glasses and that he would like to strike the Captain in the head with the water pitcher. Allowing water glasses to remain unfilled and rarely checking to make sure that everything was OK, when well, things were anything but OK. I will be in Las Vegas September 7th to the 11th and I was planning to dine at your location in the Forum Shops, now I'm not quite so sure. There is work that needs to be done in Atlantic City, some heavy lifting I'm afraid and if not attended to, it could turn what were once raving fans into unhappy critics.