Shineah Lowe
Downtown Grand Downtown Grand
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Shineah Lowe"
We went to the hotel to go swimming with some family that was in town. It was fun to have the rooftop pool experience, but since we were there as a family, it wasn't quite the environment I would have preferred. It's designed for sitting in the water and drinking alcohol, not taking your children for a swim and cooling off in the Vegas heat. The pool was very small, too, so we couldn't avoid the thong-like bikinis of the servers or the crowds of people, even though it was the middle of the day. If that's the environment you are looking for, it might suit you. Be warned that parking prices are steep there, too, and not well kept. We saw the room my family was staying in and it was very basic. No fridge or microwave, glass shower in an average-sized bathroom. Pretty standard.