Silver Spur Steakhouse Silver Spur Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Whiskey Pete's Hotel and Casino
"Stephanie Lozano"
Whiskey Pete's..... Well we'll, what can i say? The first thing that hits you is the smell. It smells like a party that has been going on for way to long. Cigarettes and whiskey. Not the most pleasant scent to start your day. I've only gone to the casino so I can't judge the hotel but it seems they always have plenty of guests. The gambling is decent but I'd have to say the highlight of Whiskey Pete's is the Bonnie and Clyde exhibit. They have the actual car they were killed in and many other interesting tid bits of their short life. I found it fascinating. I'm a little morbid so to see pictures of them dead was an added bonus. No matter the smell or anything else Whiskey Pete's is always a welcome stop on my many trips passing through. I would be upset if anything changed, it's like that old sweater, the one with the holes and a few stains that you just can't get rid of. I'll be stopping there tomorrow. Wish me luck.