Andrew Roeser
Chinook Winds Casino Resort Chinook Winds Casino Resort
Lincoln City, Oregon
"Andrew Roeser"
I will explain my experience. I was driving to Tillamook with my wife and kids after a great afternoon at the beach. As I passed the golf course I was struck by a golf ball. I maintained control of my vehicle and went to the casino golf course where they explained to me that it’s not their responsibility. After hours of trying to find a responsible party. The staff was great but the manager was horrible. My poor review wasn’t that I didn’t like the manager it’s because this casino finds it acceptable to not put up any netting or fencing along the highway where their golf course meets the road. This negligence almost cost me and my family our lives the ball almost penetrated the driver side windshield and caused me to swerve into oncoming traffic, and they refuse to accept that it’s their responsibility to ensure that their golf course does not interfere with traffic and risk the lives of the general public. The road was busy and there was no where to maneuver to safely avoid projectiles. The golf course refuses to take responsibility for this but instead finds it acceptable to place blame on their paying patrons that simply are there to enjoy a game of golf. Now the gentleman who hit the ball has to replace my windshield when this simply can be avoided by adding netting to the tree line. Stop risking public lives for simple entertainment. It’s disgusting and if I had flinched even a little when the ball struck my windshield as I saw it flying toward my face many people would have been injured or worse. Put up protection. Show you actually care and do something about this instead of deflecting blame on the people who pay to play. Don’t play here or your simple sign in fee could be much worse if you make a mistake.