Ben & Jerry's Ben & Jerry's
Restaurant @ Royal Caribbean International - Enchantment of the Seas
Walked in with my family on a busy Sunday. There was about 50 people inside just eating ice cream. Mind you the place fits only 20 people. Waited In line to get serviced for about 15 min to get asked what would we like to order for the lady behind the counter to just walk away. So Im waiting, to find out what happened. The couple behind us gets serviced and jumps ahead of us. Like Ok now I'm freaking passed. We waited for another 10 min and to noticed another lady kicking everyone out because obviously there were to many people inside. Soon after the same lady asked us what would we like. Like seriously? I would like a manager please. They really don't seem to know how to handle a busy "Benn & Jerry's". Out of all the lady's and men working there she was only young lady working the hardest to serve people. So I told her what happened and she told me. Well that's why I'm servicing you now. I shook my head 😤 and said Ok no problem. She obviously did not care about what had accured and no one seems to want to work and the floor was dirty. Super slow staff and I would never go again with my family.