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Aug 13 '18 at 3:59
The Winner's Edge

The Winner's Edge

I can say I really enjoyed my experience here. And with this being a gambling facility I understand why the price for the food is ridiculously high. The only issue I have is the limited parking. There's no way they're charging for food and whatever else they may be selling, and people are feeding these machines and tables as much as they do and they don't have enough parking spaces. I felt like I was playing Russian roulette just trying to beat someone to a doggone park! I went in the early part of the day and I went again Saturday night, and it was even worst at night. People were parking in no park zones...making spaces...parking on side the street...anywhere trying to run in this building to spend their money. Maybe they need to look into buying that big empty field on the other side of the street to expand. Just a thought...