Snickers Roadname
Gold Country Casino & Hotel Gold Country Casino & Hotel
Oroville, California
"Snickers Roadname"
When I arrived for the first time there, I walked around the whole 1st floor and found that there were no card tables, no smoking, no waitresses and no one had cocktails in their had except later I did see two people with drinks in their hand. I thought to myself, wow this place is a dud. So I continued to put my $20 in a machine which gained $3. Then moved to another machine which gained $5. Then lastly (i don't play penny slots, never have) but I wasn't paying attention about the machine I was looking for a high last pay out. I found one near the entrance, so I put a $10 bill in the machine and it was then I noticed it was a penny slot. Oh well, lets keep playing. After 4 pulls to play, the machine started ringing and it wouldn't stop until it reached the total amount of $527.00! Now who would have known? Thank you Gold Country Casino.