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Sep 16 '18 at 18:56

Lakeshore Lounge

My experience at Majestic has not been very well. I continue to come back believing the next visit will be prosperous. I drive past the Horseshoe and Ameristar casino's to get to Majestic because of the large nonsmoking area. However I now feel that playing at the Majestic Casino is a lost battle. Regular players don't have a chance of getting their names called even when you drop a ticket in the barrel. John C or John M and a few others are constantly being called. I will continue to visit Majestic but not as often. I will drive to Joliet and enjoy an entire area of no smoking. The chances for me winning there can't be any worse than Majestic a place I've patronized since the doors opened. With little to no return on my investment. It seems the stakeholders have no concern for the customer and have allowed directors and management to make decisions that has thought regarding the consumer. 24547