Bruce Provencher
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Phnom Penh
"Bruce Provencher"
My review is for the T Grille. I'm on the 24th day of my road trip and this was by far my worst dining experience. Once I was seated I waited about 7 minutes for someone to acknowledge me. I watched people seated after me get their drinks and soup and salad bar. I finally got someone to come over and he was pretty rude. Placed my order and went up to the soup bar. There were six choices that covered a wood spectrum but the ones I tried had little flavor. The lettuce was turning brown and the rolls were not fresh. My pasta dish came and there was no flavor from the Cajun chicken. The chocked seemed to be a processed product. The waiter then came over and dropped the bill on the table, muttered some canned phrase and walked off. Strangely he seemed to interact well with other patrons. Oh well the tip was commensurate with the service.