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Sep 4 '18 at 19:34

Benjy Hews

Benjy Hews
Very large casino. The cons....... It seems to me that it's a little past it's best.... there is a 'smoking lounge' with machines and a bar. .... but, the bar was not open the whole time we were there, and the lounge was dirty. There are no bar top poker machines at any of the bars. The pros..... The bartender - Steve - was a gentleman, and all the other staff very polite. The dealers were chatty and helpful. All in all, a decent place. The hotel room was very clean and spacious, and because there are 4 elevators, there is rarely a wait. However, guests are not permitted to use the luggage carts (bellhops only), nor are they permitted to park outside the hotel to unload. Annoying.