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Sep 6 '18 at 6:58
Café 54

Café 54

Sean Christopher
Since I last review Augustine's Casino nothing has changed. They still service cold food on their buffet. Total unforgiving slots, (Locals Win) I keep asking when? Video Poker machines no good play what's so ever I saw a lady loose $1,250 and never got one 4 of a kind. 1. Cold prime rib 2. Awful customer service 3. The have a worthless suggestion box everything goes on deaf ears 4. Slots filthy full of ashes 5. Do not be opinionated the Augustine's commissioner will ban you from their gaming casino. This is the USA United States of America your Sovereign Nation is yours but under laws of the US Government. Options are necessary to have reviews for the public to know in English, and Spanish for locals to know the crimes your pulling in banning people for nothing! The only thing I found good we're the hard working employees regular staffers.