Michelle Little
The Lift Bar The Lift Bar
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Michelle Little"
*edited because we tried again, nothing changed Two stars and only because the food itself is really good. The staff is horrible. We've gone here several times- good food, good prices, like supporting local and small business, and believe in giving second chances, well the service gets worse every time but last night prompted this review. Waitress we had never seen. Rude the moment we walked up. Wasn't close to closing and we were nothing but friendly, if we had even said anything yet. Asked about a drink special, she didn't know it. Understandable. Ordered another drink (bottled) took a substantial amount of time to receive. My husband ordered and I to him, suggested he get tots instead of fries and was glared at by the waitress. When my food came out it didn't come with the side of bread. It was mentioned to me after more than half my meal was gone. It was cold and one piece was burnt and not edible. Overall our experience is was bad enough to not give another chance and to give a heads up about the service here. Check in on your tables, don't make them wait longer than normal for their orders, and don't glare or give dirty looks to someone when it isn't your place. Won't be coming back and wont be recommending. (Even though the food is great)