Hash House A Go Go Hash House A Go Go
Restaurant @ The Quad Resort and Casino
"Jeffery Hillewaert"
Hash House A Go Go was packed with people, even during lunch. We had to reserve and wait 30 minutes before entering so make sure you book in time. Staff was super polite! You get seated comfortably and there's a lot of unique options to choose from. I chose Andy's sage fried chicken and my friends took other dishes, such as chicken and waffles. They come up with weird combinations that do seem to work! The chicken in itself isn't the best chicken I ate so far, but I love the potato hash and mashed potatoes, and especially the condiments or gravy that you can get with it. You get a really big portion so make sure you have enough room in your stomach! Might wanna share a plate even. All in all, I give it 5 out of 5 for the originality and the service, the food isn't perfect but it's still really nice and filling! Would defo recommend everyone to at least try it once!!