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Aug 7 '18 at 18:19

I've played low and mid stake cash games in a couple dozen poker rooms in Vegas and throughout the Midwest and this is by far the worst run room I've ever been too. Both the employees at the front desk and those at the high limit desk were extremely unhelpful. After being called for both 5/T and later 10/25 despite there not being seats either time and then receiving nothing but complete apathy from the high limit desk I decided to leave this room and will never return. Also, employees often ignore customers and they seem to think it's ok to block customers way when players are trying to walk by. The cage was EXTREMELY slow. There would be 4 or 5 employees back there but only 2 slow ones helping the line of players. Very small cage considering the size of the room. The dealers were the worst I've seen anywhere. They were even worse than new WSOP dealers. I've never seen so many pots pushed to the wrong players. I also saw them make inconsistent rulings and they didn't know how to calculate pot in PLO. There was one instance where a dealer dropped the promo dollar on a hand where the blind got a walk. It shouldn't have been a big deal but it took me 5 to 10 minutes to explain to her what she did. She finally called the floor after she realized what she did wrong and the floor didn't know what to do as if this is something that had never come up in the history of the poker room. In the end I gave the player a chip out of my stack with both employees continuing to show complete apathy. Furthermore a player angleshot practically the entire table... after multiple checks behind him he bet from the SB with AQo on a T954r board...a play that would be extremely rare in that spot considering he had very little equity and multiple opponents behind him. He only bet after waiting for all the opponents but myself to check. If he had checked I would have bet my equity and won the pot so I feel this player essentially stole from me with his angleshot. Nobody was happy with this occurrence except the angleshooter and the dealer. The action at 1/2 and 2/5 NL is pretty typical of what you will find throughout the entire country. Certainly nothing special. The 5/T must have been bad because there was only one table running and they called a list of close to 17 players before anyone took the spot. 10/25 looked like mostly young pros, many likely from Europe. This is pretty typical across the country. Bigger games in the US have been drying up forcing more pros to play lower stakes. The games are still plenty beatable but the days of easy money are long gone. Anyone with a brain could make way more money doing something else with their time. The poor way this room is run is going to make it quite difficult for new players to continue an interest in the game of poker after playing here. It certainly has contributed to pushing me further away from the game.