Aqueduct Buffet Aqueduct Buffet
Restaurant @ Resorts World Casino New York City
"Rafael B"
Horrible casino, rude staff, no perks or giveaways- STAY FAR AWAY! If you feel like being robbed blind you’ll have more fun if you go out on the town & blow all of your money. Just don’t come here expecting to win! I’ve been to all the NY area Casino’s & this one is BY FAR THE WORST! It’s dirty, they don’t offer any perks except free parking (however your car will be used as a toilet be warned), & the ALL COMPUTERIZED GAMES ARE SET ON ‘SUCKER.’ I swear I went there with $700 & lost it all in under an hour! The Blackjack tables are the absolute worst, I lost 12 hands in a row which mathematically IS NEAR IMPOSSIBLE! I checked the odds on my phone & it came up as 1 IN 500,000! Those are the real odds- and I was not alone- I was playing with 5 others who ALL LOST A COMBINED $2,900! The MACHINES ARE ALL RIGGED HERE, SAVE YOUR MONEY & GO TO A REAL CASINO WHERE YOU CAN HAVE FUN AND HAVE ANY CHANCE OF WINNING! Don’t believe all of the fake reviews on here, this place needs to be shut down for the horrible fraud they are committing! Stop the phony reviews, it’s all ludicrous this place is where dreams go to die!!!